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Eliana Albertini

Born in Rovigo in 1992, she attends the Bologna’s Academy of Fine Arts. She’s part of Blanca. This is her Tumblr.

David Biagioni

Born in Florence in 1984, he studied Cinema and animation, he lives in Bologna where he works as an animator.

Brochendors Brothers

Brochendors Brothers is a collective name, active since 2007. He lives and works between Florence and Bologna. This is his website.

Alessandro Codello

Born 1981, he is a theoretical physicist, traveler and scholarly apprentice scientist. He studied and made research at various universities and research centers in Italy, […]

Simone Cortesi

Born in 1987, he studied comics at Bologna’s Academy of Fine Arts. His last book, Aspettando il vento (Becco Giallo) was selected for the Premio […]

Gianluca Costantini

Born in Ravenna, founder of Mirada, he is an artist/activist. His last book, realized along with Elettra Satamboulis, is Pertini (Becco Giallo, 2015). This is […]

Matteo Farinella

Born in Bologna (Italy), Matteo is a comic artist and a neuroscientist. His last graphic novel, written with Hana Ros, is called Neurocomic (No Brow, […]

Claudia Flandoli

Born in Turin in 1987, she grew up in Pisa. She studied graphic design at Urbino’s Isia, illustration at Milan’s MiMaster and biology at Pisa […]

Marco Garofalo

Born in 1987 in Brescia, he studies illustration in Bologna’s Academy of Fine Arts. This is his Tumblr.

Emanuele Giacopetti

Born in Genoa in 1982 , he has worked with many DIY-productions, including Lucha Libre, Bradiponauta and Costola. This is his blog

Eva Hilhorst

Eva Hilhorst is a graphic journalist and illustrator living in Amsterdam. She enjoys turning complex information into a clear, drawn explanation and combining it with […]

Christine Klein

Born in Kassel (Germany), she studied at the Hamburg School of Fine Arts and the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. She […]

Peter Kuper

Peter Kuper’s work regularly appears in The New Yorker, The Nation, and Mad , where he has written and illustrated “Spy vs. Spy” every issue since 1997. He is […]

Federico Manzone

He was born in 1988 in Cuneo, he’s studing at “Accademia di Belle arti” in Bologna. This is his Tumblr

Giulia Martinelli

Born in Turin in 1990, she studied German, Russian and animation. She lives and works between Europe and Canada. This is her Tumblr

Mattia Moro

Born in 1989 in Ortona, Abruzzo, he lives in Bologna where he studies comics in the Academy of Fine Arts. This is his Tumblr.

Marino Neri

Born in Modena in 1979, he is the author of the graphic novels Il re dei fiumi (Kappa Edizioni, 2008) and La coda del lupo (Canicola, 2011). […]

Cristina Portolano

Born in Naples in 1986, she studied comics and illustration in Bologna’s Academy of Fine Arts and in Paris’ Endas. This is her website.

Dania Puggioni

Born in Sassari in 1977, she is a freelance illustrator with a degree in biotechnology. She works in visual scientific communication together with Housatonic Design […]

Emanuele Racca

Born in 1988 in Piedmont, he studied comics in Bologna’s Academy of Fine Arts. His first graphic novel is La caduta (ProGlo, 2014). This is his Tumblr.


Reportager is a project curated by Gary Embury for the University of West England in order to support, initiate, and showcase projects involving drawing as reportage […]

Pietro Scarnera

Born in Turin in 1979, he lives in Bologna. His last graphic novel, Une étoile tranquille – Portrait sentimental de Primo Levi, was awarded with the Prix […]

Alice Socal

Born in Mestre (Venice) in 1986, she lives and works in Hamburg. She published stories and drawings for several magazines and self-production projects like G.I.U.D.A., Spring, Illywords, Internazionale, Mami […]

Michele Soma

Born in Cagliari in 1977, he lives and works in Bologna. He worked as an illustrator with several publishers and he designed surprises for chocolate […]

Elettra Stamboulis

Born in Bologna, art curator, founder of Cultural Association Mirada and of Komikazen International Comic Festival. Her last book, realized along with Gianluca Costantini, is Pertini (Becco Giallo, 2015). This […]

Marco Tabilio

Born in 1987, he is a comic artist, illustrator and videomaker. In early 2015, he published the comic book novel Marco Polo – Silk Road, […]

Luca Vanzella

Born in Conegliano (Treviso) in 1978), he’s a comics writer. He created the miniseries Beta along with Luca Genovese.

Francesca Zoni

Born in Bologna in 1989, she graduated in comics and illustration in Bologna’s Academy of Fine Arts. This is her blog.

Aleksander Zograf

Aleksander Zograf is the pseudonym of Saša Rakezić, a cartoonist and a music journalist from Serbia, born in Pančevo in 1963. He is the author of numerous […]


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