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Graphic News wants to have an international approach. This is why we look for partners from all the world. We have created our own network with several Italian authors and we would like to do so abroad as well.
We started working with complete authors but we would like to involve other actors as well: not only cartoonists and writers but also journalists who would like to experiment a new way of communicating news.
Graphic News wants to mix two languages: that of comics and that of journalism. The results of this encounter can be several and different: we like starting from the sensibility of the author and try to work together on the most suitable topics in relation to his/her style and interests.
For our stories we thought to a particular format, specifically created for the web and the mobile devices. Creating a story in this format is slightly different from drawing for a classic comics. We ask to our authors to challenge themselves and to try experimenting and imagining together what can be done with a ‘digital’ comics.
Collaborating with Graphic News at the moment means betting on a project and start a relation. Our short-term goal is creating an editorial group, a team of authors to work with. Our first aim in this is being capable of paying our collaborators with continuity: if you want to know more about how we think to do it read About us.
Everything clear? So, let’s get started!
If you have an idea to submit or if you simply would like to start collaborating wiht us, you can write at

P.s.: We are interested in seeing your works, but we prefer to keep light our inbox mail… so please send us a link to your online portfolio, your Tumblr or your blog. Thanks!


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